Friday, October 26, 2012

EDC Bug Out Kit – Your Every Day Carry Solution

While most Bug Out Bags, Get Home Bags,  and 72 hour kits that you read about focus on long term survival, there’s one area that’s often overlooked.
What happens during those times when you can’t carry a bug out bag?
Let’s face it, having a 30 pound bag of gear at your side at all time is pretty impractical. Yes, you can have multiple bags stashed at your home, office and even in your vehicle, but no matter how much you prepare there will be times when you become separated from your gear. That’s why I suggest always having an EDC Kit.
What is an EDC Kit?
Every Day Carry ItemsEDC stands for Every Day Carry, and is made up of items that you should have on your person at all times. They are usually relatively small, but contain everything you need to survive in an emergency situation.
While most of us who are prepared will always have our important gear close at hand, there will be times when we may become separated from our main supply source. In this case having an EDC will help us either get to our main source of gear, or provide us with enough supplies to make it through the emergency at hand.
Examples of Every Day Carry Kits (EDC)
In most cases, your EDC should be small enough to fit in a pocket. It should only include gear and supplies that you feel are absolutely necessary to help you survive.
The Infamous Altoids Survival Kit:
altoids tin survival kit
The Tin Kits are a great way to pack a bunch of survival supplies into one little easy to carry kit. This specific kit has:
  • Pocket Knife (Swiss Army Style)
  • Basic Medical Supplies (Butterfly bandages, tweezers, scalpel blades, & small magnifying glass which can also be used for starting fires)
  • Spool of Dental Floss (Dual Purpose uses; cordage, fishing line, medical uses such as suturing wounds)
  • Tinder (Cotton shoved into all the little crevices)
  • A couple needles, fishing hooks & weights, zip ties)
  • Bic lighter & a couple half match sticks with striker in plastic wrap.
  • Small LED flash light
  • Bandana wrapped around the case.
Compact Knife Sheath Kit:
Personally I like to carry a knife that packs a little bit more of a punch. This kit allows me to carry a decent size knife while being able to add a number of items right to the front pocket of the Sheath. In this case I am showing the SOG Seal PUP Elite with Nylon Sheath.
SOG Knife Sheath with Survival Items
SOG Sheath Survival Kit
The Knife Sheath kit fits:
  • The SOG Seal Pup Knife
  • A Lighter Wrapped with Duct Tape & then fishing line (in between the line and the tape there are a couple needles and fishing hooks.)
  • SOG Mulitool
  • Mini LED Flashlight
  • 550 Paracord Wrapper
Other items that you should always carry as part of your EDC:

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