Saturday, June 9, 2012

Advice on Being Prepared for Bug Out

If there is a need for an emergency bug out and you are an urban resident, how
are you going to leave in time to avoid the traffic jam and gridlock that will
surely occur? I am not being factitious; I am truly posing this question.

I will survive,

As someone who has a slant on this issue, the first thing I urge you to do is
stay current with factual, unbiased news sources. It is essential to see the
writing on the wall before the sheep see it.
Have 2, 3, or perhaps 4 routes pre-planned and reconnoitered well in advance.
Stay off the main highways and do not have your survival goodies visible in
your vehicles. Never let your gas tank drop below half, and always keep the
vehicle well-maintained.

Always carry at least three hundred dollars in (twenties?) small bills for any
sudden purchases that may crop up. If you do need to get to your retreat due
to civil unrest or a socio-economic upheavel; the 300.00 will buy quite a bit
of canned veggies, top ramien soups, MRE's or whatever you might need more of.
If you work in a large metro area and have your family in the burbs, prearrange
what will transpire if the roles are reversed and the strife occurs in
the burbs and not the city. Have a meeting place set up and pre-arrange what
gear the burb dweller will bring.

If you have the luxury of having a bug-out retreat that is relatively safe,
maintain 80% of your gear there...cleverly concealed in camouflaged rooms or
cache's around the property. NEVER share your arrangements or survival plans
to anyone who is not of our ilk.

If you have a location selected but do not own property there, make several
trips to the area at various times through-out the year, so the locals get to
recognize you and your vehicles. Get to know the local grocer, realtor, home
construction laborers, and sporting goods store owner...these folks will
probably be the most well-known in the town and the mere knowledge of names
and occupations may get you through the highway blockades which are sure to
spring up when the strife transpires.

Stay current in your 6 month dental appointments, stay current in tetanus and
hepatitis precautions, first aid training, CPR, skills related to fishing,
firearms proficiency, food acquisition, and 'blending' with others who may not
necessarily be your educational peers.

If your State has license plates that bear some indication of your community
or county, you might want to consider going to a junk-yard and buying a set of
the local plates. If you are bugging to a different State, ditto. Do not don a
business suit if you are driving in a logging type environment. Wear a flannel
shirt and an old baseball hat. You will look the part and avert nervous locals
to more obvious strangers.

My friends, as one who has been prepared for a number of years, I feel we are
on the brink of a re-structuring in our Country. I might recommend you look
toward the Militia movement or any group that supports the second amendment.
Get to know others who believe in our American way of life and in self reliance.
Be a good neighbor and an honest person. Give others the benefit of
the doubt unless you factually know otherwise.
Just my two cents.
Don't trust the Government. Don't trust Corruption.

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